BabyJane Wellness

Thank you for your interest in BabyJane Wellness (BJW), our company is dedicated to providing our customers with the cleanest, purest full spectrum hemp products on the market.  As a physician, I was introduced to CBD by my patients who reported significant improvements in their anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and overall general health.  In addition, members of our family similarly reported great benefits with daily use of CBD supplement.  Given this information, it was obvious there was something special about CBD that we didn’t learn in medical school.  We then researched the literature extensively to allow us to create a full spectrum CBD formula that would provide optimal effects without compromising on quality. 

            Babyjane Wellness is the result of that journey.  Our products are of the highest quality full spectrum CBD available on the market.  Our products are not psychoactive (contain <0.3% THC) and are full spectrum (contains turpenes and other cannabanoids thought to have positive health benefits over isolated CBD).  Our formula is offered as a micro-ionized spray that will help ensure proper delivery and improve bioavailability (effect).  Our spray is naturally flavored with Mint, Rosemary, Lemongrass and Stevia to provide a fresh, soothing taste.   In addition, we use coconut oil in accordance with our naturopathic approach. 

Our full spectrum tincture is provides in an easy to carry pump bottle and BJW is offered as a 900mg standardized product. Spraying it under the tongue improves the way your body absorbs it and is superior to other brands, which use eye droppers.